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Creating ideal outdoor living spaces

Outdoor blinds and awnings shield your home externally creating outdoor entertaining spaces to enjoy all year round.  We work with the best local and international brands of awnings giving you an extensive choice and professional advice for the perfect solution.

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Types of awnings and outdoor window furnishings

Our external window furnishings and awnings include:

• Wire guide awnings and outdoor roller blinds
• Zipscreen awnings
• Pivot arm awnings
• Folding arm awnings
• Outdoor venetian blinds
• Continuous louvres
• External shutters

Awnings and blinds are not always placed on windows, and may instead be used to protect a deck, patio, doorway or other outdoor space from the elements. They may be installed vertically, at an angle, or horizontally.

While some external awnings may be permanently in one place, others are retractable so they can be used when required and opened to protect them from severe weather or to let light in.

Cuchi offers awnings and external blinds from a number of leading brands, including Maxim Louvres, Helioscreen awnings, and Markilux awnings, making available some of the best awnings, outdoor venetians and outdoor roller blinds Brisbane wide.

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Benefits of awnings

Awnings and external venetians and blinds offer a huge range of benefits.

Superior climate control
External blinds and awnings are designed to stop UV before it hits your windows and generates heat, which means they offer superior temperature regulation. Our products are created to provide ample ventilation, ensuring heat is kept out, not trapped against your home. This is one reason for the popularity of awnings and external blinds in Brisbane: with such a warm climate, many are looking for the most effective way to keep their home cool.

Kind to the planet, and your hip pocket
Because awnings offer such effective protection from heat, your air conditioner can work more efficiently. That’s great news for both your bank account and your carbon footprint. These energy reduction benefits are even more beneficial when you combine your external window coverings with indoor options, creating a double or even triple layer of insulation against the heat.

Ideal for entertaining
Awnings aren’t just for windows! They are also popular for the integration of indoor/outdoor entertaining areas. This is typically achieved by shielding a deck, balcony, patio or other space from the elements with awnings, venetians, outdoor blinds or continuous louvres. This reduces glare and UV, and can also protect from wind, rain and other unpleasant weather, creating a comfortable place to entertain. Awnings and blinds can be used in this way to create indoor/outdoor rooms to extend the usable space of your home.

Increase the value of your home
There are a number of ways awnings can increase the value of your home. Not only do they look great and contribute to the aesthetics of your facade, and potentially offer more usable space outdoors, but they also protect your home from the elements, keeping things looking like new. By protecting from UV rays, you can prevent some fading and cracking, and awnings can also protect against water damage. This will be most evident around window frames and door casings. All the awnings we sell are strong and durable, to ensure they stand the test of time.

A range of functionality

You have the choice of a range of functions, including:

● Manual crank handle
● Remote control motorisation
● Integration into home automation
● Sun and wind sensors

The right choice for you will vary depending on your needs, and our team of Brisbane awnings experts will help create a system that works seamlessly for you.

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For awnings and blinds in Brisbane and across the Gold Coast, contact Cuchi today. Some common curtain FAQ’s are answered below.  Please do call us with your questions so we can deliver the perfect Cuchi awnings experience,

The cost of awnings can vary considerably depending on what options you choose. The type of awnings, their placement and dimensions, and any motorisation or automation can all make a difference to the price. To discuss your needs and obtain a quote, contact our team today.

This depends on what type of awnings and fabric you choose. Many awnings are made from waterproof materials and do stop rain, while others are not designed for this. Awnings and other outdoor window furnishings may not be designed to completely block water, but they may still be weather resistant, offering a layer of protection. They may also be positioned to direct rain away from the window, sheltering them from the rain. Whether waterproof or not, outdoor blinds can create a sheltered space that is ideal for outdoor entertaining.

Window awnings are available in a range of sizes, with a solution on offer for even the largest windows. Talk to our team to discuss what type of external window covering will work best for you.

Outdoor blinds look much like indoor blinds, but they are designed to withstand weather. They offer protection from UV, rain, and wind, along with privacy. Some of the types of outdoor blinds include wire guide blinds, channel blinds, zip blinds, straight drop blinds, pivot arm blinds, external venetian blinds, and folding arm awnings.

We recommend Markilux retractable awnings for their high quality and durability. Markilux awnings are made in Germany but are designed especially for Australian conditions and will stand the test of time.

Folding arm awnings can typically extend 4m out.