Versatile and durable, shutters are a simple solution for windows, indoors or out.

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Whether you prefer a classic look or something sleek and contemporary, shutters are one of the best choices for your windows. They are versatile in both aesthetic and function, and are extremely durable, lasting for decades to come.

At Cuchi we provide premium aluminium and timber shutters Brisbane wide.

Benefits of shutters

Shutters offer a large range of benefits, including:

  • Privacy
  • Temperature control
  • Airflow
  • Light regulation
  • Protection from UV
  • Aesthetic appeal

While many people are initially drawn to decorative shutters, purely looking for the aesthetics, they soon realise the true range of benefits on offer. One of the best things about shutters is that you don’t have to pick and choose which benefits you enjoy at any given time. Blinds are either up or down and curtains are either open or shut, but shutters give you finer control. Not only can you open and shut the shutters, but you can also change the angle of the blades. This allows you to adjust the amount of light and air coming into the room while also maintaining your privacy.

Shutters are also one of the most durable choices for your home. This truly makes shutters one of the best choices of window furnishings in Brisbane and across Queensland, as they are able to hold up to the demands of the Australian climate. We install shutters from a range of leading brands, including Verosol shutters.

A range of operation methods

We offer both interior shutters and exterior shutters for your home. Shutters can be installed in a range of configurations and operation methods, including:

  • Fixed shutters
  • Hinged shutters
  • Sliding shutters
  • Bifold shutters

Our team of experts can help you decide which is the right choice for your space. We provide fixed, hinged, sliding and bifold shutters Brisbane wide.


How do I choose exterior window shutters?

At Cuchi we always use external powder-coated aluminium shutters that will withstand the harsh Australian weather. In past decades, Western red cedar shutters were a popular choice, but they have been overtaken in popularity by aluminium shutters because aluminium is maintenance-free and extremely durable. If you want your investment to stand the test of time, aluminium is the best choice.

What are outdoor shutters made of?

Powder-coated aluminium is the best material for exterior shutters due to its longevity and lack of need for maintenance. While you may see shutters made of wood or other materials, these are typically older or of lower quality. All Cuchi outdoor shutters are now made from aluminium.

How much do exterior shutters cost?

The cost of exterior shutters can vary significantly depending on the type of shutters: whether they are fixed blades, movable blades but fixed panels, movable blades with hinged panels, or movable blades with sliding panels. Cost may also vary based on other factors like the size of your windows and accessibility for installation.

How do you measure for exterior shutters?

We take many things into consideration when measuring windows for exterior shutters, including potential water runoff, the dimensions of the location, ceiling height, and the space available around the shutter. We also take into consideration whether the shutter will be on a balcony or an exterior window. These are just some of the things involved in measuring for exterior shutters. Consult with our team of experts to make the process simple and ensure you get the right fit for your home.

What are shutters used for?

Shutters are one of the best choices of window coverings because they are so versatile and offer such a great mix of benefits - they can keep heat out while still allowing for airflow, and allow you to enjoy privacy while still letting light in, simply by the way you angle the blades.

Are wood or vinyl exterior shutters better?

We don’t recommend the use of either wood or vinyl for external shutters, as they are not able to withstand the weather long term. Instead, we recommend aluminium shutters, which are far more durable.

What wood is best for exterior shutters?

While we recommend aluminium shutters rather than wood shutters for external use, Western red cedar is best if you have your heart set on wood. This has been a popular choice for shutters in the past because it is one of the best timbers that has memory. That means it expands when it gets wet and then goes back to how it was as it dries instead of warping or cracking. This helps the wood last much longer than other types of timber. Despite this, we have slowly moved to aluminium over the past decade because it is even more maintenance-free and durable. Aluminium is also a more sustainable choice, which has contributed to its rise in popularity.

How long do wooden shutters last?

The durability of wooden shutters depends on what type of timber is used and the quality of the craftsmanship, as well as how the shutters are maintained. When well cared for, many wooden shutters are capable of lasting 20-25 years. While we don’t recommend Brisbane homes use timber shutters externally due to the conditions, wood can be used indoors.

Are shutters better than blinds?

In certain respects, shutters are better than blinds. They allow you to get many benefits at once. When a blind in your bedroom is up it allows airflow and light into the room but does not offer any privacy. When it is down, it gives you privacy but does not allow airflow and light. This means you must always weigh different benefits and make a compromise. Shutters allow for airflow, light and privacy all at once, giving you control over these things simply by how you tilt the blades. Of course ‘better’ is subjective and depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re not sure whether shutters or blinds are a better fit for your home, contact our team for a consultation.

Our team at Cuchi interiors are window coverings experts, with unbeaten experience and knowledge, providing Brisbane with shutters and window furnishings that are perfectly matched to the unique challenges of the Australian environment